The not so beginning, begining.

Never did I think I would ever create a blog in regards to my book. Yet hhere I am 615 in the morning at the end of December creating a blog. I guess I can¬†start by saying WOW! Lol well as the title for this post goes, my book is already written…I think. Essentially the story is there but it just doesn’t feel complete. It feel like I need to do more. More details, more character developement, more stability, just more. So i have been in search of editors to get some new eyes on the work. Hopefully i can stay out of my feelings enoug to not take anything personal, but I guess we will see how that goes.¬† I’m excited but mostly terrified about what’s to come with the book. So much unknown and risk. I just don’t know man. It’s a bit unsettling but I’m sure there will at least be a little good to come from it !


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