A community 

So as I have been searching for editors, designers, and beta readers (something I didn’t know I was really looking for) I’ve been able to see how many people actually write and are a part of this community which is awesome! I love being able to talk to people I actually KNOW about their crafts. And hell I’ve even learned about a few authors as well. And so far this community that I have had the blessing to connect with are amazing people. Willing to help, and it’s all by word of mouth. One person reaches out and everyone reaches back to lend their expertise. It’s just a beautiful thought to me. Another big thing I like about it is getting beta readers who aren’t just family and friends. They’re great and all but I always feel like it’s biased information. Lol long story short I found an editor, a graphic painter that i like, along with some beta readers !! #excited 

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