This post isn’t necessarily about my book, better yet it’s about the people you have in your corner supporting you in anything you do. Whether you want to try a new recipe, take a new class, or start investing, you need a support system. These are going to be the people who help push you along through your dreams or new challenges when you feel like you cant face them alone.  Now, you might automatically assume that all your friends and family support you, but sadly this is not always the case. Some of them want to see you fail, because they don’t want to see yuou do better than them. The sad truth is, they might not even know this yet. The more time I’m putting into marketing, hiring a team, and talking about my work, the more I’m noticing some folks just don’t care! Smh . Sure,maybe I’m  talking about it too much, but maybe I’m just excited and passionate. Too often I’m noticing people aren’t really passionate about stuff anymore. They just go on with their day to day lives, like wash, rinse, repeat. So when they see you passionate and excited, a little part of them is jealous or didn’t know how to react. Sadly, taking risks is a hard thing to understand for someone that isn’t into the same things as you, so don’t hold it against them if they genuinely dont understand what you’re trying to do. But in the end, just know not everyone is as down for you as they think. Choose the people in your corner wisely. But dn’t be afraid to take risks and invest in yourself 😉 

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  1. T says:

    I love this. Investing wisely in those who are in your corner is a hard thing to do, but so worth it.


    1. It’s something that’s been on my mind for the past few days. I’m noticing that some of the people who I thoiught had my back, just dont.


      1. T says:

        Same. I recently had this happen to me. Just gotta send them love regardless, though it doesn’t always mean you have to have them in your life. You can still send positivity to a person without having their shite in your day to day.


      2. Hahhah ya I like the way u think


  2. True words, invest in yourself, may the Lord bless you

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    1. It’s a hard thiing to accept sadly sometimes

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