Writing for you even if you dont know what you want.

So I’m in the process of going through my own work for the upteenth time and i always have an urge to start changing stuff. Sometime its a good thing and sometimes you’re not quite sure. But here is my question to you, are you changing things in your work to make it better or to please others.  Look I get it in some cases these two might even go hand in hand, if you make it better it will please your readers. BUT if you change your work to please your readers, is it better ? Let that sink in.  I write in the fantasy/sci fi genre so I have an infinite amount of possibilities and I am constantly faced with questions to myself about my work. Do i like how this sounds? Does this fit here? Does this sound like the right character? Can you distinct between each person? Stuff like that. At the end of the day, I’d love to have readers, who like the world I create! I don’t want to create a world like the Sims where everyone can come in and make it their own. IT’S MINE I TELL YA! But being serious, with anything you love doing, make sure you’re doing it because you enjoy it, not because people are telling you to do it. 😄

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  1. I think it depends, when you are writing something to be published,if it is fiction and if you want it to be successful, you have to write with the readers in mind


    1. Yeah but are you gonna write something that you don’t like

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      1. When you write, it should be something you and others will like. You have to find the common ground. Why write, if no one will read?


      2. To make yourself happy. A lot of people write just to get it on paper. There are thousands of stories people have told, that no one will ever read about. I’ve done it. I just wanted it out of my head. Not even just novels, but think of poetry. To some that’s a bit more personal. Again this was just my opinion.


      3. 👋 your opinion is great 👍. On your blog, the beauty of it is that you can do whatever you want 😂 write whatever you want. I truly enjoyed this discussion, it was my opinion also


      4. Hahaha well u know how internet and life is in general these days, everyone gets butt hurt over everything hahaha .


      5. I know right, 😂 😂

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  2. shunarae says:

    I get where you’re coming from and I agree, you have to make yourself happy with your work. I’ve written countless fantasy stories that I would never share with anyone, but when I look back at those stories, I’m not happy with them. They don’t flow right, or they’re carrying on the narrative someone else has already created. Now that I’m growing in my writing, I do what I can to make the story sound good, but also fit the worldview I have for the story overall. Everyone will not like your story, no matter how many times you change it to make them happy. If you’re happy with it, I believe that it will transfer into your writing and that your readers will find something, even if it’s just a sentence, that they identify with.

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    1. I didn’t know you write too


      1. shunarae says:

        Yep, I write. It’s one of the many hobbies I have to keep my head on straight and my thoughts from overloading my brain. It helps that my fiance likes writing as well, so we’re able to bounce ideas off one another.

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