The person behind the screen 

I’m not quite sure how I have let myself have this blog for a few weeks without telling everyone about myself at the very least who I am ! That is just insane. So here I am to rectify the problem.

First let’s start out with my name, Alexa.  Yes like the Amazon echo. That damn tho g drives me crazy. MOSTLY because my name isn’t exactly popular, so when ever one of those darn commercials come on I think someone is talking to me from another room, it’s quite embarrassing.  So feel free to laugh. 

I am a military woman. Us navy to be exact. I love my country and my military. We have our ups and downs, but we have more ups than downs. We are a close knit dysfunctional family, and i would not have it any other way.

I attended college, tho, I didn’t graduate. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to actually go to school. Which was a huge mistake, because I flunked out and got bags of college loans. I did go back for a little while but I moved so it didn’t work out in the end. I want to go back, now that I’m older and slightly more responsible. Haha originally, I was majoring in zoology. Though, now when I go back i plan on focusing on criminal justice.

I grew up in a mixed and blended family system. I am definitely the ideal concept of a melting pot. My parents were never married to each other. There was never any Ill will against each other. To this day they get along quite well, which I am so thankful for. I have one blood sister and  two step sisters. I am the second oldest. My older sister is a year older than me, then there is an age gap between me and my younger sister of 9 years. Then the baby is 12 years younger than myself. 

I can’t think of much of anything else to add at this moment . You can always feel free to ask me anything about myself , I’m pretty open . 😊

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  1. Like the gym, it becomes such a rewarding process. I think, sometimes we forget to breathe, or we hyperventilate over that scene that just comes alive. Thanks for all your hard work. I’ve neglected my blogging duties for the last couple of months. With a manuscript finished and awaiting the delicate slice of my revising quill, I am moving on with a writing course that will help with the next project; a more grown-up mystery set in the alternate reality of steampunk and the tropics of a laissez-faire Cuba. Wish me, Simon and Lars good luck. Thxoxox

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    1. I’m not quite sure why I am just now seeing this post or if I replied and i don’t remember. Either way good luck ! Sounds like an interesting piece of work.


  2. shunarae says:

    Little known fact is that you played the flute in middle and high school. I only know that because we went to school together :p

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    1. Good ball I did in college too


      1. shunarae says:

        I wish I could have kept up with my practicing. I pick up my flute every now and then, but it’s terribly out of tune at this point! I need a new one!


      2. I got my sister into, she plays too. But now I couldn’t imagine playing or even buying a flute


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