Funny story…

I have always been raised around multiple cultures, and I have loved every minute of it. As Americans it seems like most of us seem to forget the rest of the world exists and not everything is about us. And more times than not we come off as those snobby assholes who think we are better.

To those across the world that see us that way, im sorry. Not all of us are like that. There are quite a few of us who love to learn more things about different cultures.

For instance, when I started noticing that this blog was getting viewers from all over the world, I began to want to learn their languages so that I could thank them personally. Then I quickly realized that would be so many languages and dialects.

My point being I wanted to find a way to connect us.

For those of you who don’t know, I have an author fb page that reaches all corners of the world. I had someone message me saying that they hope I translate my book into their language, and I told him I would translate the book into as many languages as wanted.

That made me feel so incredibly good. I don’t think you can even imagine! Someone who knows so little about my work and story telling ability alrfeady wants to read it in his native tongue.

Now this isn’t about the book, it’s about people just wanting to feel appreciated and not overlooked. The fact that man had to even say that he hoped it would be translate tells me that there are instances where literature has not been available to him at the very least. 

I do not wish to be one of these people. On my page there should be a translator.  Use it to connect with others who may come to my page.  Or if you know English  teach me and some others a part of your world and language. Be a part of making  humanity great again . đŸ¤—Ciao! Adios! sayanara!

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  1. I wish so much I new other languages – in particular Spanish, French, Italian and German. One day!


    1. .I want to learn Spanish, Portuguese, and Tagalog


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