The verdict is in

So I got the first part of my book back from my editor…

Boy was it a lot!!

I have a lot of work to Do!

And yet I’m just excited !! My editor sent me 25 pages of feedback for the 40 pages o sent him to read!

The feedback is definitely needed and I’m so glad to get it.

As we all know, we aren’t as good at something as we would like to believe. This was no different.

He explained how my pacing was off In places, how maybe one character needs more development in some places, how I do a lot of telling and not always showing, how some elements of the book come off as illogical. Honestly, he is right. Now I’m not going to agree with every little piece of feedback, but I can definitely say he hits it right on the nail for me.

Sure, now comes the syrujggle of how to fix these things without pulling my hair out and wanting to kill anyone who talks to me while working, but that just a part of the fun right ?

Well he has the second chunk of the story so I will sit back and wait for that as well. I swear I’ve never been so excited to be told needs improvement.

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