Things to work on

A few days ago I explained how I received the first chunk of feedback from my editor and how I was so excited. Well that excitement has suppressed and the panic set in.
Earlier at work I decided to go back through that feedback and set up a list of core things that I will need to work on for the next draft. Well there was quite a bit.
Id like to use this site for feedback, networking, and just help in general. This post is definitely where those goals will come to play. So here we go…


*uncomfortable scenes or things to talk about in novels
*where a story should actually begin
*showing more and telling less
*personalities meshing together
*logical decisions vs moving story forward
*creating a world vs using real world
*chunks of dialogue
*eliminating the “fluff”
*using more emotion
*balancing your characters (interesting vs boring)
*sense of urgency

A lot from this list is me asking your opinions, especially with the first on the list.
These are all big key points of things I need to work on so I am a bit curious to see how others would overcome these obstacles or open to some suggestions

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