The golden hour

Have you found it yet, cause I sure haven’t!

Knowing that I’m a writer who still has a full time and demanding job, when should I write ?

I have absolutely no clue

I know that I like writing or my creative juices at night, like after midnight whem rhe woeld is asleep, but I work in the early mornings, so that really isn’t an option.

Maybe the Weekends? There is plenty of time then!

But what if I feel the urge to wrote something earlier than that, should I just told it in until the weekend, I think Not!

Basically my answer to this is write when you feel the urge to hear that tap tap tapping! WRITE WHENEVEE YOU WANT!

And if you can’t get to your laptop for whatever reason, carry a journal to help sort through your creative thoughts, or even your notepad on your phones!

I feel like if writing is not your primary income, don’t not pressure yourself too hard, write leisurely and enjoy it. Don’t set certain times or places, just write when and where you want ! Keep it fun. One day you night write three thousand words, another you might only be able to squeeze out fifty, no big deal. Just keep writing!

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