Another blog from another writer explaining how they dislike revising process.. unique right?

While I await the last bit of feedback from my author from the first go around I dread the revising process.

It annoys me down to my core to have to reread (AGAIN) my work and figure out what really isn’t needed, and for me if I’ve learned anythikng so far, I’ve written a lot of unnecessary fluff.

My novel was only 50k words to begin with and when I delete the first of of chapters that were either hurting my plotline or just weren’t important, I already went down to 40k words. Not to mention I’m sure I can take it down at least another 10 thousand.

So now I’m faces with the struggle of what to do.

How do I fix my writing to make it to where my ideas and my characters are loveable?

Not to mention how to add another 30k+ words to add to the story so that it is actually a novel, while making sure it’s still necessary for plot building.


Im sure everyone knows that the stories are our babies and it’s hard blah blah blah. Yeah that’s true, but cuttiing our babies isn’t something most people would condone .

I mean sure, the work is an inanimate object, but it still hurts to butcher your child like that.

I hate revising.

I guess my only idea is to continue at the end where I thought about starting the next book…

That just might work.

Instead of writing a series of books, just finish the entire storyline in one…

I think I just solved it.

I still hate revising though 😣

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