This past week I had overwhelmed myself with the writing process. The funny thing was I overrun with ideas and changes.

After I got the last set of feedback from my editor I was confused. Not really knowing where to go with the book from here.

I write for myself and no one else, but at the same time I want what I write to be liked by others. Now when you go through the editing process, all of their advice is your choice to take, but at the end of the day it’s their opinion.

I have re read his notes idk how many times trying to figure out what I am comfortable with changing/fixing.

So I obviously had to get out or my head.

I haven’t really been paying my website any attention and haven’t had the attention span to sit and read.

A week.

It took a week to finally feel comfortable In my own head. It feels great. I got 1700 words in an hour and a half, a record for me and it feel amazing!

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