Let’s just go ahead and add something else I’m doing wrong to the mix

I love finding out that im doing something wrong, or that it doesn’t fit in the statistics.

Granted I want to be a successful blogger, and by that I mean someone with active followers who interact with my posts, I do not mean by getting paid. I have a career I greatly love, thank you very much.

But I keep seeing these posts, mostly mg fault since its a tag I follow, talking about how if you do the key things, you’ll have a successful site.

Now some of the posts I’ve seen have actually been quite useful, such as go out there and talk to your fellow bloggers and get to know them. That advice seems sound to me!

But then there are those pages, I am not knocking them let me be clear, that start pulling out every single statistic known to man.

Posting on these days gains more traffic..

People read most blogs at this time…

People in this country like these types of posts…

Posts this length get more follows…

Now don’t get me wrong, if you follow all of these tips, that is awesome, but I do not.

I am still a new blogger and kind of new to this, but my attention span is so bad I can’t continue to read something longer than maybe 6 paragraphs unless I’m truly Invested.

I guess what i m trying to say is I don’t like feeling bad because I don’t follow all the statistics and guidelines, it takes the fun out of everything.

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