I’d like to start something on my website

Although, my website is so new I’m not quite sure anything I do at this point would be considered new.

Nonetheless, i would like to branch out slightly and add more content to my website. Mainly because I’m one of those people who get bored easily, so I’d like to see new things instead of the same things over and over.

For starters, I would like to start conducting interviews in the writing community. It would not just be for published authors, but people who are still going through the process. However, I would like to narrow it down to people who have at least finished their first draft.

I think this is a great idea because it’s a great promotion for them, as you, my readers, would get to learn about new and upcoming writers that you might not have found on your own, gives a chnance for the person being interviewed to promote their website, blog, or published work, and it gives me a chance to do something new.

I’d also love to intgerview graphic designers, illustrationist, editors, publishers, ect.

I also thought about the concept of creating a list of my favorite quotes from the characters of Kaneji:A Curious World Unknown.

But that’s about it, and I want more ideas!!

I want more things to showcase this page.

Ultimately I just want to have fun and i think you do to, so let’s put our heads together to figure out something we can all enjoy 😄

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