A great weekend for writing!

I’m very happy with the outcome I had this weekend with writing. I got almost three thousand words written.

I know for some people, that might not seem like a lot but it is for me so 😝.

Hahaha but being serious, the words this week have seemed to have flowed so effortlessly!

Funny thing is when I have to stop myself from continuing on because lately I have been stopping when the going gets good so that i have more juice to start back up the next day, and it has definitely been working.

Not to mention, at this rate, I’ll actually get a higher word count at the end of the book in it entirety, which would be Awesome!! I’m really hoping that I can push Kaneji to be anywhere from 70k to 90k when it’s done. The first draft that I had edited was only 50, so we will see how much I can push.

Problem is, I’ll be deleting so much from that last draft because it was a bit of fluff, and not in the good way. Some of it seemed so misplaced and just did not seem to flow well with the story.

My biggest worry is the ending. I am almost sure I will butcher what I already have. Mainly because a lot of what it is now I will be moving to the middle of the book, so I’m basically turning it in on myself, which I think will be a headache and kind of fun.

Usually what I do with stuff to try and figure out how to map a chapter or chunk of the story is basically talk to myself in one of my journals, it’s pretty funny to see me literally questioning myself on paper.

Oddly enough I haven’t done that with the ending only because it’s so far away and i like to focus on what’s next.

But honestly I might start writing some short stories pretty soon, I posted one that I worked on a few days ago, although I’m not sure why I saved it from the middle smh but who knows, and yes I know my thoughts are all over the place, I don’t need your judgements 😝.. I think that is my favorite smiley now.

Anyways, what do you all like to read about from me? What do you want to see more of ? Talk to me! I’m lonely 😣

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