I have a question for you savvy folks

Oh look two posts in one day !!!

Everyone rejoice and have a party!!

Oh wait it’s just me in here…


in this dark, cold, wet, place called the internet.

Haha !

But all jokes aside I got some info I would like to pick your brain about. This pertains to the marketing side of things.

Yes, yes I know, I’ve asked these type of questions before and my blog isn’t old enough to be doing repeats just yet, I get It! Calm down. HEY ! DON’T you throw that tomato up here!

You all settled ?


So my inquiry is more about mailing lists.

What is the purpose of them for me at such an early stage ?

By that I mean, I’m still editing my first book, and only on version 2 of god knows how many to come, so why would people want to subscribe to my email list?

I have no clue, in my head I can’t fathom why I would do it.

And yet I want to, because I’ve been advised it’s a great way to interact with your followers.

Now I have seen some stuff say create pamphlets and newsletters every month stating all the stuff you have accomplished this month, but in my opinion that is the premise of my website.

Not to mention I keep up with all my book social media, which lets be honest, is it’s own beast of marketing.

But my point remains, what content do people look for in email lists? What gets them pumped ? What even makes people WANT to subscribe to it.

I had the thought that maybe people would want to see exclusive content, and that’s the only idea I have so far.

Clearly I need to do more research on this, but for the most part I see people doing the same things over and over.

Now, to those of you who have given me your insight into the tedious, intimidating, and also very annoying world of marketing thank you.

I haven’t ignored the advice, I’m just requiring more Intel.

You know, so we can execute our mission, well mine.

Yes, I’m done. Cause now I just sound dumb.

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  1. I started collecting a list of names for my mailing list and I’m pleased that it’s grown; however, when I learned that I’d need to pay a fee in order to maintain said mailing list, I ugly cried. I don’t even have enough money to create advertisements. Lol. I hope that you gain success.


    1. But what were you putting in those emails? What content was making people want to stay subscribed

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      1. Comical updates about my personal life (I have three sons and one husband. I don’t even have a female cat to balance this great injustice). Sample short stories ::conspiratorial whisper:: for insiders only. Sneak peeks about upcoming books. Short stories that were published. Poems. Q&A reader sessions. Character sketches. Background stories. And on and on. Have fun with it. Create a list of things you want. Ask your readers or potential readers what they’re interested in. And remember . . . have fun. 🙂

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      2. I like the idea of insight behind my personal life, that sounds pretty dope. I also really like the q&a. Myh character sketches are also on her, or I would do that.
        I am considering adding some “origin stories” for some characters.see THIS is what I was looking for, something fun, personal, not serious, to give the people more of me 🙂

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