It was all good just a week ago

So I was feeling so good, I’ve been doing some heavy writing and editing. So, I took off for 4 days.

Well that and I am lazy, but that is neither here nor there.

So my MS is written in two different points of view.

So I decided to split them up into their own documents, just to make my life easier.

And then I see it, the word count.

Man, I had only added roughly 2500 hundred words for the first third of the book!

Granted I deleted a lot as well but damn!

So I sit here and starty trying to make sense of it.

How have I added roughly 14 pages of work, but only 2500 words.

Let’s not even begin to remember that my whole ending is about to be scrapped and sold for parts.

Or maybe the ending is more like an organ donor, just giving bits and pieces of itself to other aspects of my work… Yeah I like that one better.

So here I sit, with my hands on my head, semi freaking out about all the rework I must do. Not to mention, if I have another one of these moments, I’m going to feel like a complete failure.

Searching for new ideas in my brain to pop out, grab me by my collar, and shake me saying “pick me! pick me!”

I’ve even began to go back to the drawing board of researching online ( a scary thing to do, let’s be honest).

But now what ?

I must write like there is no safety net, write like it’s my full time job.

I have no clue how this going to work, I’m sure I will be back soon to discuss how much I hate my life!

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