Short stories and origin stories will be available

I was talking to one of the bloggers on this site and she had expressed interest in one if my upcoming short stories, a horror fantasy.

I wanted to make sure I told all of my followers that ALL of my short stories will be available in my newsletters. They won’t be in everyh issue, but that is where all of the origin stories and short stories will be posted.

Most of them will relate to my current big work Kaneji so this will give everyone to get to know the characters before I publish the main book.

I think that makes things more fun, because you will already have some type of connection with these characters.

One is a horror fantasy, one is about a boy being bullied and being blinded, and the other one is a thriller mystery.

Now my newsletter is COMPLETELY free to sign up for and they will be sent out minimally of once a month, I don’t see myself doing more than twice a month at the most.

I just want to make sure that everyone has the chance to enjoy my work and that I make it clear where my work will be going.

If these short stories sound intriguing then please come and enjoy my work with me ! I’d love to hear from all of you !

All you have to do is go to main main oage and there shall be a pop up that asks if you would like to sign up.

Also, you will get a personalized birthday gift from me!


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