Another week another page not written

So I’m on my second week of not writing and I feel like I’ve gotten comfortable.

I’m no longer stressing about it so much, but now I’m feeling better about it.

I realized I’m the one who set these invisible deadlines, I’m the one who started this whole whirlwind of stress.

Not to mention, I realized that I am probably stressing out so much because I feel like I am completely writing a new book because I have deleted so much and will be adding so much new stuff. Although I have got to admit I’m liking this version a whole lot better, and honestly that was one of my biggest goals.

So what if my manuscript isn’t ready by year end?

I’m writing this book for me and no one else.

Sure i want everyone else to love it, but essentially this is all for me.

So I have roughly another 70 pages that I want to get done for this manuscript… And I have all the time in the world to make that happen.

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