Whoops! A bit of drama ahead

I am a part of a Facebook writing group that there are a large amount of people involved with and I posted a question solely for discussion purposes.

The question was why do writer sell their books for so little i.e 2.99-4.99.

AGAIN my sole purpose was to make it a discussion as well as learn.

I personally feel that we are undercutting ourselves by charging so little.

Now there were quite a few people who made valid points, whether it was because they had tried to charge more and it didn’t work out, some were doing perfectly ok wiith charging more, and other were following the “norms”.


But me being the nosey person I am, I asked why is that the social norm, why, why, why?!

To which some people answered it was because so many indie writers are trying to be noticed that often times they offer up a free book or a 99 cent book to gain readers before raising the prices up to 3.99.

A few times I said it saddened me. By saddened me, I mean that I bothers me that our community have conditioned ourselves to chaarge our hard work for such a little price. Now granted with that little price in a lot of instances sales are doing fantastic. They are getting to their financial goals with it, which is awesome.

But still I continued to ask why about everything, because I’m nosey. Ebery thing I read I asked why.

Then there were a few people who felt that I was belittle authors for charging their prices, which again is not my goal, I just wanted to understand why . I assured these people that this was not the case and directed them to where I said this was a discussion piece and that I apologized for them misunderstanding. After that I was told that I was saying one thing and acting another. Smh

Now we all know it is very hard to have emotion through the internet. So I’ll chuck it up to that.

Then someone else said that I was basically bein naive and that I clearly didn’t want any help and was basically just trying to start drama.

Man! Now I deleted the post because I’m annoyed. I find it so funny that when I’m genuinely trying to be nice and ask questions, others find it that I’m stirring the pot smh !

So what do you think ? Was I creating drama ? Do you think the social norm of charging 2.99-3.99 for an unknown indie writer is perfect? Should it be less or more?

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