I believe I have discovered my writing and marketing schedule, and I can definitely say I am beyond relieved.

I get so overwhelmed and annoyed so fast I’m ready to back myself into a corner and pull out my hair, but when I just take a step back I realize that you just have to move some things around.

So with that being said, I shall be a weekend writer, for now. If I choose to do more writing during the week, great, if not, oh well. And some days on the weekends I might not even feel like writing, and that’s ok, I just need to make sure I take so much of the pressure off of myself.

I can definitely say that I can’t wait until I finish this draft/version of Kaneji! I have felt like I was writing a book almost completely over from scratch. I am actually quite proud of myself for doing it. Looking back on that first draft I had given my editor (which wasn’t the first draft of the story closer to the third) I am far more pleased with what I have now, which was one of my goals. When I first began talking to my editor i told him that all I wanted with this book was to make my piece of work the best it could be and be something i was proud of.

This version has changed a lot, probably having a lot to do with the fact that I decided to make it into a standalone vs a trilogy cause eff all that!

So I’m excited! Might not be done with this last portion for almost another month, but damnit that’s ok, as long as I finish it.

So I will apologize now for seeming like I was throwing a temper tantrum or maybe even being a bit dramatic. As I said before I get flustered easily and when I’m dealing with too many things at once, I buckle.

So here is a toast to me! May I go forth and prosper !

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