Things change from time to time

If you all remember, earlier this week I explained how I was getting a lot of writing done and how I would finally finish the end of my book Kaneji.

Well needless to say that didn’t happen, but not because of what you might think.

This whole time I’ve been doing the rewrite of Kaneji after speaking with my editor I had a specific word count I wanted to hit. I wrote my tail off this weekend. More than I’ve ever written before, and I still didn’t finish Kaneji. I got to the word count I wanted and surpassed it, but I felt like the story had more to go, so I kept writing.

I’m past the my planned word count but I honestly felt like if I ended the book where the wordcount ended, I wouldn’t have had an actual ending.

Now dont get me wrong, I’m still definitely at the end of the book but I’m at the big battle of the end and I still need to do the resolution after that. A lot of things need to be explained and happen before I can end the book, but I can definitely say I have moved closer to making this book something I am beyond proud of and happy to create.

I’m still not quite sure when it will be released but it’s starting to look like I can publish the end of this year if I really want to, but that is still in the future. As of right now I’m just so full of bliss that i surpassed my goal and creating more words for this beautiful world.

I know when I got through and do some more self edits I’ll probably add some more and delete some, but I can’t wait you guys! A dream is coming true for me!

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