Updates for the week

So I haven’t been able to write all week due to my work schedule and me being dog tired by the time I get home all I do is shower and sleep.

So this week had been nothing but working and sleeping and it’s been exhausting. But luckily I am at the end of this draft so hopefully I’ll be able to finish in the next week(I said that last week) but it will be finished soon!

I ordered some posters and postcards of some of the artwork I’ve had done over the past few months and it arrived yesterday and it looks amazing!

People subscribed to my mailing list will always have first dibs on content, whether it be some new writing, new character designs, and free giveaways! So for your sake I hope you have subscribed, but if you haven’t I will post the link down below.

Also going hand in hand with that I posted earlier this week that I have joined instafreebie and that there is a link for that ad well. I have joined a group giveaway so I will post that here as well.

This week I recieved the new cover art for Kaneji snd I think its beautiful! The artist did an amazing job with it and the blurb will look amazing. Also speaking of blurbs i have a rough blurb in action and should finally have a solidified one in two weeks so let’s keep our fingers crossed! That’s all that’s been going on this week just wanted to make sure to keep everyone in the loop.




Mailing list link:


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