Editing sucks!

I swear I hate self edits!

They make me question myself more than I already do and it’s a pain in my ass.

Not to mention when I do self edits I like to print it out on paper and feel it as I’m doing it.

Problem with that is that I still need to make all the corrections and changes in the word document so I end up doing it twice!

But I suppose looking over your manuscript multiple times isn’t a bad thing, sometimes I just want to take a bit of a break is all, but when I do it ends up being like two weeks!

I’m try il ng to at least get a little bit of work each day so that I’m not forcing it all on myself on the weekends, cause I like to be lazy on the weekends and watch Netflix and nap a lot, but it seems the work is never done.

If I’m not working I’m writing, if I’m not writing I’m marketing, or something else with this book.

So self edits wont ne done as quickly as I had hoped, but can’t rush perfection I guess.

*side note*

I am still looking for future beta readers! Kaneji I’d an urban fantasy with a female lead. It features betrayal, action, self doubt, and a small bit of romance. If this sounds interesting to you, please email me at mmcgnnis@outlook.com. Hopefully the self edits will be done and ready to be sent out by June 16th!

Also if you haven’t had the chance to go look at one of the group giveaways that I am currently participating in here is the link.


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