A sense of accomplishment!

I finished my self edits and transferred them to the laptop (for some odd reason I like to do paper edits so I can see the red on the paper).

But I feel so liberated! The second version of Kaneji was far worse than the first I feel like I added more depth, story, and emotion to it, but I’m also the creator so it’s very possible that none of that happened!

This weekend I set a goal for myself. I needed to finish paper edits, transfer to lap top, create a questionnaire for my beta readers, send fixed manuscrupt to betas, write my author bio, and prep my monthly newsletter.

I got all of that done yesterday with the exception of the newsletter, I got that done about an hour ago.

I’m feeling soooooo good about myself yall! I’m taking it all in for when I send this manuscript to my editor and he crushes my spirits again, again he is great I’m just sensitive and a big old baby.

This month has been so hard for me to get anything writing done with this crazy work schedule that I just still can’t believe I finished!

I’m taking a break from Kaneji.

I might start writing the short stories that are still involved in the same universe as kaneji, not quite sure honestly.

But I do know its time to take a break.

Try something new. Maybe even go outside and visit a friend!

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