Not everyone has your interests at heart

Last time I made a post it was talking about all the stuff I still had to d ok along with calling for beta readers.

As most writer know, having betas can be a crucial point in a writers craft as they can often describe what is missing from the manuscript.

As writers we tend to be very protective and sometimes even defensive of our work, which is ok as long as it doesn’t get in the way of process.

Hearing harsh truths about your WIP can knock your ego down and make you feel belittled, I know it does for me. I’m sensitive when it comes to my work, the way I see it I’m hard enough on myself as a writer as it is so when someone else is hard on my writing I just crack like a vase.

But the thing is the people who tell you the honest truth and opinions are the ones trying to make you better. They are challenging you to expand your mind and often the world you’re creating. Just because things make sense to you as the writer doesn’t mean it’s being properly conveyed in the manuscript to readers.

People who just tell you what you want to hear and only give positive feedback are hurting you in the long run. It is why it is hard for me to accept betas as family and friends.

Granted you’re not going to please everyone and often times there will be disagreements, but take their advice as a grain of salt. There is the possibility they they’re misunderstanding your direction, but dont bash them.

I had someone suggest to me that I needed an alpha reader because it wasn’t in the proper stage to be calling for Betas, o blame myself for not properly conveying my purpose for requestion betas, and honestly maybe betas wasn’t even the term I should have used.

That individual honestly helped me in the long run by telling me what was wrong with my work and what I truly needed vs what I wanted.

If you ask for advice always be prepared for the answer to be something that you dont like and suck it up.

As for me, I’m going to go through and do more content editing through my manuscript and hopefully polish Kaneji to be worth people’s time.

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