Enjoy the story you have to tell

So for those of you who can’t tell, my posts are quite often long tweets Haha they aren’t formatted in any professional way.

Though this may bother some people, to me it feels like if I go through fixing things to make them sound more professional it runs the authenticity of it being my true voice, but that just my personal opinion, and I have a very unpopular opinion quite often.

Now with that being said writing has been fun. I have actually been enjoying the novel ove been writing a lot more than I originally did, which was one of my goals with it. I just felt that originally it was such a mess and I couldn’t make sense with how things connected.

I guess that’s why I enjoy the first couple of drafts so much (although I despise editing and revising) because you’re still telling yourself the story in those stages.

So I’ve been enjoying the story so much that I actually decided to begin writing the first draft of the second in the series. Originally I planned on writing a trilogy, then I changed my mind, and now I changed it back. Everywhere I read says you should always be working on something, so while book 1v3 is with the editor I started the second one. And it happened before I had even realized it. As soon as edits were done with book 1 i wanted to take a break but my mind had its mind made up about creating the synopsis of book 2.

I’m very impressed with my content editor who challenged the hell out of my story, even a when I thought my thoughts were obvious, so he has been amazing.

Idk I guess this post was just to say I’m proud of myself and the progress I’ve made… now let’s see how I feel after my editor gets back to me. Lol

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