Can’t catch a break!

Goodness I hadn’t realized it had been so long since an update! My apologies.

I swear just as soon as I get the hang of one thing something else comes and throws a wrench in my plans causing me to go all out of whack!

My work schedule has completely been flopped on its head, and I am absolutely dreading it.

I dont like daylight I’m like a vampire lmao . But seriously I’ve been nocturnal for as long as I can remember and I have just always preferred to be in darkness.

So now that I’m working day shift hours my sleep schedule is all wonky, my attitude is worse, and my scheduling for writing, blogging, and doing creative stuff has plummeted…. for the most part.

While I have not been creatively writing I’ve been baking! I’m a big girl, and I love me some sugar and carbs. So a couple weeks ago I baked 4 dozen cupcakes and stuffed the middle with either sprinkles or icing in the middle.

Now look, I suck at decorating so judge me If you must . I wanted to make sure I got the good flavor down first lmfao.

So then next I tried my family recipe for pecan tarts. And anyone who knows my family pecan tarts are to die for!!!!!

We are super secretive on the recipe and I’m super stingy with who I share the pies with. I actually have to like you, which is it’s own feat in itself. But this was my first time making them and I was so so so so PLEASED!!

they were delicious!

Now like I said I haven’t been writing, and yeah the time I was baking I could have been writing, but I’m just not the type of writer who can force write. I write for myself mostly and not for a career, so I have that perrogotive. Cause I dont have the discipline to write when I dont want to. But I wanted to give you guys at least an update. I’m enjoying my summer this far and my new years resolutions have stuck! Making myself happy among all else is important! I’m excited to see what else I do. So if I don’t make an update for a while, just nudge me. I am human i forget sometimes and this is still very very new to me on what I’m supposed to do and having a down pact schedule.

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