Getting better

So guys the long wait is over … I have my manuscript back from the editor!!!

This time only like 35% of my ego was bruised, so that’s progress right ?

I have been waiting to hear back from my editor for so long I’m just so excited to get back into the story I have created only to make it better. I’m jumping for joy!

On the flip side of this, some of the notes I was given I’m not thrilled about, but I can definitely understand. We seldomly agree 100% with our editors on stuff and sometimes think if them as meanie meat heads.

It’s going to be tough on v4 but Intel better that I know the whole story is showing promise and is moving in the right direction.

I’m still pushing for a release of late summer next year, so let see how much I can improve my storyline and writing by then.

Side note if you would like to read a very very rough version of Kaneji as I get better I will be posting on wattpad. Chapter 1 is already up and chapter 2 should be going live sometime this weekend. Just search Kaneji: A curious world unknown !

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