A cute guy with some advice

So I’m back yall, as I’ve already stated in the last blog. My vacation was so truly needed. It helped me recharge my spiritual energy and my mental energy.

While no one ever wants to go back to work after vacation, that time for me has come, and I can honestly say I’m dreading it.

Last week I was dealing with a flood of emotions from different people and for different reasons, but it wasnt until I had a nice adult talk with a friend of mine from high school did I truly begin to feel better about my life.

Now a days I’m the oldest of all my friends and typically have to act as such, so I’m always giving advice or my opinion on things. When in actuality i have no clue wtf I’m doing with my own life. My friend explained to me that he often feels the same way (although in my opinion he shouldn’t and is far better off in life than I am). He explained it’s a part if life and that we just have to set goals and work towards them. Which was funny because I had just written down some short term goals for myself earlier that day and it felt absolutely amazing to just simply write them down.

Now if I’m being honest I honestly have no clue what the point of this blog post is, but I just had the need to write it. Sometimes when you feel discouraged and alone, it takes someone else to tell you that you aren’t. We are definitely our own worst enemies, at least I know I am, but after that talk with my friend i feel like i can take on the world! Doesn’t hurt that he is a cute lily thing either 😆

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