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Usually my posts tend to gravitate around my writing, just look at my site name. However I think I’m looking to expand it to add something more personal. People aren’t robots and we are all full of our own struggles we have to deal with.

Lately, my constant struggle is laziness and complacency. I’m stuck in my comfort zone. I haven’t really been wanting to take risk for risk of failing. Sad thing is that I know failure is a part of life, it’s just that I feel like I’ve failed so much already in life I feel like I’ve reached my quota! Lol

Yes, I know it sounds crazy and I might be overthinking it, it’s just that when I was constantly failing, i was always feeling like a disappointment and useless. I guess that was the depression talking 🤷‍♀️.

Even now, I know what the problem is, and its constantly on my mind every night causing me to worry, overthink, stress, and analyze everything. Someone pointed out how unhealthy it is causing myself so much stress. Especially because I’m not the only one in the world who feels like this. I’ll m always told that you’re 20s are there for you to truly figure out life and see where you want to go in life. Yet, being in my late thirties I feel pressured to have my life together already.

It almost seems like everyone around me knows who they are and what they want and I’m the only one who is just lolly gagging around with life. Again, I obviously know that isn’t the case, but it’s how I feel.

So my question to you all, is if you have ever felt like this how did you get out of it? What made you want to break the constant cycle? Was it a person, a thing, or did you just kick yourself in the ass to get moving ?

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  1. First things first: you’re not a loser. I’m not a doctor, but I’m all too familiar with how emotions can taint our thinking. To answer your question”
    if you have ever felt like this how did you get out of it? What made you want to break the constant cycle? Was it a person, a thing, or did you just kick yourself in the ass to get moving?” It was a combination of a lot of those things and the cycle is never truly broken. For example, I lost one of my older brothers. I still wrestle with that grief and it’s been almost 20 years! Other than that, you can do this, Alexa! Don’t give up.

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    1. Thanks girl ! It’s hard sometimes man like its constantly beating me up .

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      1. You’re welcome. Sometimes I write about those moments. Just write it and get it down! And who knows, it might be some of your most powerful writing. 🙂


      2. Yeah I try to journal when I remember to, but sometimes I forget or dont have one handy. And i prefer to handwrite it vs type

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      3. I do, too. There’s something so comforting about the feel of the pen against the paper. Sometimes when I don’t have paper or pen, I record an idea, phrase, or sentence on my phone. I also will text it to myself. Lol. Having toddlers, I’m constantly on the move! I wish I had that software that will type what you speak, but I bet it’s real expensive!


      4. Yeah I’ve heard of it, but never thought I’d be much good at it, with the whole punctuation aspect lmao

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